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Clearance Reinvestigation

Here to assist you with any clearance reinvestigation questions.


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Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP)

The instructions provided by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are NOT to be followed in their entirety. Los Alamos National Laboratory provides the guidance below so you can avoid unnecessary rejections and delays.

Creating your e-QIP account

The process begins by clicking on the OPM link. Your computer system will then be evaluated to ensure your browser is acceptable and configured properly. These preliminary screens are in place to provide you with maximum privacy protection. Do not “hurry” past these important steps.

Continue to e-QIP:

Once you arrive at the OPM site:

  • Go to the “I do not have an e-QIP account” to register for a Username and Password.
    • This will also be the entry point for logging into e-QIP once you obtain your Username and Password.
  • You must then enter your Social Security Number since you do not have a Request Number.
  • You will be prompted to enter your “Golden Questions” as a challenge to ensure identity.
  • Create a Username and Password making sure to comply with the requirements.
  • Create challenge questions to be used in the event you forget your Username or Password.

You will be given the option of activating Two-Factor Authentication on your account. Information about this option is provided on the page.

Once you are authorized into the site, you will be given an option to download an archival copy of your previous e-QIP information to assist you with your data entry if you so choose.

Entering your information

You will then begin entering your data for the current investigation. The sections below represent typical problem areas for Los Alamos National Laboratory workers based on phone calls into Personnel Security. Please review these suggestions to avoid unnecessary delays.

 Warning: Do NOT follow the e-QIP instructions to certify, release, and attach signature pages. That will be accomplished at your review appointment with Personnel Security. This is the most common error.

There are several things that will cause your package to be rejected that e-QIP will NOT detect. These include but are not limited to:

Please review "THE GOLDEN RULES OF EQIP" before proceeding to the next step.

Rule 1-  You can only use a reference/verifier in ONE section on your form.  Once you have listed a reference or verifier DO NOT use them in any other section on your eQIP.

Rule 2- DO NOT use an immediate family member or distant relative as a reference or verifier.  DOE views this as a conflict of interest and will reject your e-QIP back for correction.  The ONLY place a family member can be used is to verify unemployment.

Rule 3-  DO NOT use a P.O. box address anywhere in the eQIP.  DOE ONLY accepts physical addresses.  All physical addresses must include a street suffix such as Road, Street, Lane, Loop, Court, etc.  If the address does not contain a street suffix please make a comment explaining the address does not contain a street suffix. 

Rule 4- Your Laboratory or Contract Employer entry must be listed as FEDERAL CONTRACTOR for the employment type.  ALL LABORATORY ADRESSES MUST BE FORMATTED AS FOLLOWS: LANL, TA-XX, Bldg. XXXX, Room #, Street Name.

  • Section 12: If you have a high school diploma or GED, please enter the information in this section.
  • Section 13:
    • List the employer from whom you receive your paycheck. If you work for a contractor, list the name and address of the contractor as your employer. If you have transferred from a contractor to the Lab, you must list both employers separately, even if you have continued to work at the same location.
    • List current Type of Employment as Federal Contractor.
    • The Laboratory's street address is: LANL, TA-3, Bldg. 1400, Casa Grande Drive, Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87545; telephone number (505) 667-5061.
    • Your physical address should be where you are physically located, and should be in the following format:  LANL TA-___ Bldg___, Room___, Street Name.
    • Under each previous employer, provide a reason for leaving.
    • Include all supervisor information.
  • Section 18: If you are married, you must list a mother-in-law and a father-in-law, even if you do not know all the information requested. If you have sisters who are married and/or have used other names, you will need their marriage date(s).
  • In all sections, use physical addresses; P.O. boxes are not accepted.
  • All Laboratory addresses should be in the following format:  LANL TA-___ Bldg___, Room___, Street Name.
  • Section 20 C: Foreign travel is considered Official Government business only if Government Orders have been cut.  If Orders exists, it can apply to military, Feds, civilians, or contractors.  However, in most cases, contractors do not travel on orders and it is not considered official.  If a contractor received official orders and can produce them – they do not have to list the foreign travel.
  • Section 29:  Once you reach Section 29 (Questions Regarding Terrorism) PLEASE LOG OUT IMMEDIATELY. THOSE QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. 
Attend appointment with Personnel Security

You must meet with Personnel Security to review and transmit your e-QIP package. You will receive notification of your scheduled date and time. If you have questions related to your appointment, please contact Personnel Security at 667-7253.