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Work-Life Balance

The Laboratory values the work-life balance of its employees, with offerings that will fit your lifestyle

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Time Away

Alternative work schedules

We know flexibility is the key to establishing a work-life balance. That is why the Lab offers a variety of work schedules. The most popular work schedule is the 9/80 schedule, which provides a Friday off every other week.

Holidays, vacation and sick leave

Because the Laboratory is a vibrant community of individuals and thought, there are several different leave options, with or without pay, to accommodate the needs of employees and Laboratory programs.

  • 10 paid holidays
  • 3 weeks of vacation per year (new, eligible employees)
  • 8 hours of sick leave per month (sick leave may be used for employee illness, medical appointments & immediate family illness)

Professional Development

The Lab provides online resources, onsite and facilitated classroom training, and access to industry-provided developmental opportunities for the continued professional development of all employees.


Onsite medical facility

The Lab maintains an onsite clinic that is available to all employees and provides comprehensive services and programs to promote employee physical and mental wellness.

Onsite fitness facility

Employees at the Lab enjoy complete access to a 17,000 square foot fitness facility equipped with weight rooms, an aerobics room with dynamic classes, cycling and circuit training. Additionally, walkers and runners can enjoy various outdoor trails and a 1/8 mile outdoor track.

Onsite breastfeeding units

Mamava privacy units for mothers who are nursing or pumping are available for working moms and visitors. Read about Mamava units »

Onsite cafeterias

Food services at various locations across the Laboratory complex offer a wide variety of fresh food choices for breakfast and lunch.


All year long, Northern New Mexico provides incredible opportunities for outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Education Assistance

Financial assistance

Eligible employees may be reimbursed for the cost of tuition, fees and books related to courses taken through appropriately accredited institutions.

UC in-state tuition

Dependents of full-time Lab employees are eligible to enroll as students at any of the University of California (UC) campuses and use resident classification for tuition purposes.

Texas A&M in-state tuition

Dependents of full-time Triad National Security, LLC (Triad) employees are eligible to enroll as students at any of the Texas A&M University campuses with resident classification for tuition purposes.