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STE Highlights features current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos National Laboratory and recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists.

LANL Organicam

Search for Life in Extreme Environments: Los Alamos researchers and collaborators have developed a first-of-its-kind instrument, called OrganiCam, for detecting biomolecules in extreme environments, such as in outer space or high radiation. Its most exciting role will be in detecting organic material, or life, on Mars. (cross-section of OrganiCam pictured above) Read more in the current STE Highlights.

Featured STE Highlights for February

  • Analytics, Intelligence and Technology: Zero-knowledge proofs securely verify neural networks
  • Bioscience: First portable liquid nerve agent detector developed at Los Alamos
  • Bioscience: First sialic acid comparison across bird species lays groundwork for disease knowledge
  • Chemistry: Kozimor lends expertise for special f-element chelation issue of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences: Advances in predictive CO2 sequestration
  • Intelligence and Space Research: Tunable perovskite materials prompt next-gen light sources
  • X-Computational Physics: Improved contaminant estimates in inertial confinement fusion

 Read these articles and more in the February 2020 issue of STE Highlights.

About STE Highlights

The Science, Technology & Engineering Highlights feature some of the current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos. The highlights also include recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists. STE Highlights are published once a month and produced by the Laboratory's Science, Technology, and Engineering deputy directorate.