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Breakthrough on recompaction of spall damage on second shock

In research aimed at understanding—and ultimately controlling—the performance of materials subjected to extreme environments, Los Alamos researchers conducted a series of gas-gun flyer-plate impact experiments using copper samples. Their work sought to confirm that a second shock loading event could recompact existing spall damage and, if so, characterize the resulting microstructure to determine whether the compacted region has any form of bond. 

Their work was featured on the cover of the Journal of Applied Physics. In the article, MST researchers presented significant results that clearly show that metals driven by in-contact explosives can damage and subsequently recompact.  Read more in the current STE Highlights.

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Awards and Recognition

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Materials Science and Technology

Breakthrough on recompaction of spall damage on second shock

Materials Science and Technology

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New details on the nature of thermal interfaces in dynamic compression experiments

Proposal Call

Laboratory Directed Research and Development Early Career Research Proposal Call


First-ever high-performance MgO ceramic substrate via tape casting