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Science, Technology & Engineering Highlights

STE Highlights features current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos National Laboratory and recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists.

At this year's Student Symposium, 185 individuals and teams presented their work in 11 categories. Read the August STE Highlights Awards for the list of 33 student winners.

Feature Highlights for August

  • Student Symposium: 33 students win awards for their presentations at the 2019 Student Symposium
  • XCP Plasma mixing: LANL’s VPIC code aids in simulating the physics of plasma mixing.
  • New Explosives Compounds: New polycyclic N-oxide explosive compounds offer greater performance and safety than the current standard.
  • Chemistry Gas Catalyst: A novel manganese catalyst with amine co-catalyst generates high-pressure gas at an unprecedented rate.
  • Theoretical Quantum computers: A new algorithm aids scientists in understanding molecules and phenomena at the transition between quantum and classical mechanics.

Read these article and more in the August 2019 issue of STE Highlights.

About STE Highlights

The Science, Technology & Engineering Highlights feature some of the current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos. The highlights also include recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists. STE Highlights are published once a month and produced by the Laboratory's Science, Technology, and Engineering deputy directorate.