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Awards and noteworthy scientific achievements at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Schematic showing the formation of shocked glass in the wake of a release wave as tiny crystallites

In this month's Science Highlights:
SimCCS: An open-source tool for optimizing energy infrastructure developed

Researchers have developed an infrastructure optimization tool to design efficient carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage networks. SimCCS integrates capture, storage, and network engineering with economic analysis to enable infrastructure deployment decisions.

Caption: SimCCS graphic user interface displays an optimal infrastructure design for CO2 capture in the southeast United States. A network of dedicated CO2 pipelines (green) connect coal-fired power plants (red circles) and storage reservoirs (blue circles).

Current Science Highlights Issue: Jan. 31, 2018

The first 2018 issue of the Science Highlights is now online. This issue features awards, in addition to articles reporting on the following science highlight stories:

  • Discovery of a new soil fungus provides insight into the symbiotic relationship with plants
  • Obsolete instrument removal makes way for dynamic plutonium experiments at pRad facility
  • X-ray diagnostics of thermal explosions highlighted in Nature and Applied Physics Letters
  • SimCCS: An open-source tool for optimizing energy infrastructure developed
  • Lab presents Cyber Fire forensic incident and response training
  • Consortium aims to strengthen and diversify the country’s science workforce
  • Novel concept for satellite identification and tracking developed
  • Stress in 3-D nanoarchitectures distributes throughout core and shell
  • Plutonium surface mechanical properties measured
  • Advanced Photon Source studies reveal phase and microstructure evolution of U-6Nb
  • Additive manufacturing produces the first scale model of a nuclear reactor core component
  • Impact of Antarctic basin-scale precipitation on surface ice mass variability modeled

Read these articles and more in the Jan. 31, 2018 issue.

About Science Highlights

Science Highlights features some of the current, cutting-edge scientific research at Los Alamos. The highlights also include recent awards and recognitions of Los Alamos scientists. Science Highlights is published once a month and produced by the Laboratory's Science, Technology, and Engineering directorate.

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