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Resources and information for subcontractors, guests, and visitors

The Laboratory requires subcontractors, guests, and visitors to coordinate with their LANL sponsors to complete a review of the COVID-19 Safety Protocols and required training before coming on-site.

Please note: Appointments at the LANL Badge Office must be made prior to arriving on-site.

Things to do before coming on-site

  1. Complete the required training, “Working Safely at LANL during the COVID-19 Pandemic”, ExTrain Course 49476.
  2. Review the Lab's COVID-19 policy for on-site work and activities: COVID-19 Risk and Exposure Control Measures for On-Site Work Activities.
  3. Use the daily health screening self-assessment checklist to determine health and wellness. Do not come to the Lab if you don’t feel well or answer “YES” to any of the questions.
  4. Read the Quick Take Guide, LANL COVID-19 Controls to view control strategies for use to mitigate risk during on-site work.

Things to do while on-site

  1. Wash or sanitize your hands as often as you can, and practice social distancing