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Nuclear Physics

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A roadmap of matter that will help unlock the secrets of how the universe is put together

The DOE Office of Science's Nuclear Physics (NP) program supports the experimental and theoretical research needed to create this roadmap. This quest requires a broad approach to different, but related, scientific frontiers: improving our understanding of the building blocks of matter; discovering the origins of nuclei; and identifying the forces that transform matter. Stewardship of the field is shared with the National Science Foundation (NSF's) Nuclear Physics Program. DOE and NSF fund almost all basic research in Nuclear Physics. Forefront nuclear physics research provides solid foundations for other fields, including important advances in medicine through the NP Isotope Development and Production for Research and Applications Program.

The Los Alamos Nuclear Physics portfolio includes discovery and applied science thrust areas: understanding quantum chromodynamics; searching for new physics beyond the current Standard Model; and applications of nuclear physics to important national problems.

Current major experimental collaborations include:

Strong Los Alamos programs in nuclear data and nuclear theory supports these collaborations.

Los Alamos is a major contributor to isotope production and applications, where radioisotopes are produced for medicine, environmental tracers, basic and applied physical science research and development, national security and industrial products. Our current isotope program customer base consists of more than 250 hospitals, research institutions, and private companies.

Los Alamos Principal Investigators have been the recipient of seven NP Early Career Awards, and one Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.