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Faces of Science: Rashi Iyer

Iyer has had a fervent passion for protecting the environment and limiting our impact on all living organisms since a child. Iyer always has been a strong advocate for the role of science and technology in the advancement of women globally.
March 4, 2015
Rashi Iyer

Rashi Iyer, Nanoscience


  • Communications Office
  • (505) 667-6700

Rashi Iyer develops multiple new scientific focus areas keeping the environment, our non-human cohabitants and the national mission in perspective.

Her efforts have been primarily dedicated to reducing the use of animals for research by developing the next generation of bioassessment platforms to understand and mitigate the toxic effects of radiation, chemical/biological threats and engineered nanomaterials.

Most recently, Iyer is working with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to develop an artificial human testing platform.

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Iyer works for DAS-3's Systems Analysis and Surveillance group.