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Faces of Science: José Olivares

José Olivares has always enjoyed figuring out how things work. At an early age, he tore an old television apart, made paper airplanes, and read Scientific American. Today, he leads the Bioscience Division and works on programs developing algae as a source of biofuel for energy and transportation.
March 4, 2015
José Olivares

José Olivares, Biofuels


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How things work drives José to discovery

José Olivares has always been intrigued by disciplines like math, chemistry and physics, but his greatest passion has been figuring out how things work, particularly machines.

Faces of Science: Jose Oliveras

Faces of Science: Jose Oliveras

He continued to learn about electricity, vacuum systems, computers, and signals much like he did at a young age, empirically through tinkering and experimentation.

His research passion has been in developing advanced mass spectrometers, which help scientists understand the structure of molecules and how they are held together.

Olivares works for B-DO's Bioscience group.