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Enthusiastic employees: taking action

Green Teams make sustainable choices and identify untapped opportunities to reduce waste.
January 30, 2014
Enthusiastic employees: sustaining the Earth

Los Alamos National Laboratory undergraduate student, Erica Garcia,tests water around the Laboratory.

Energy sustainability is a daunting task: How do we develop top-notch innovations with some of the world’s most powerful technology without consuming excessive energy or creating waste?

Green Teams work hard to make sustainable choices at home, at work

The Lab has made many energy sustainable improvements, but it’s the employee commitment that really makes a difference. Immersed in the day-to-day operations, they’re key players to help the Lab spot ways to reduce waste and energy use.

Take Monica Witt, for example. The Lab’s sustainability program manager and a key advocate for making the Lab use energy more efficiently, she also supports the Lab’s pollution prevention efforts. A volunteer on the county’s sustainability board for eight years, Witt is committed to promoting environmentally friendly behavior and in this small community where she was raised, plays and plans to continue to raise her children.

“We’re focusing our efforts on our aging infrastructure,” said Witt.

But Witt is only one of our more than 10,000 highly educated employees committed to sustainability.

Surrounded by an arid desert and mountain vistas, our employees are deeply connected to this land that has supported some of the nation’s oldest communities. In fact, many of them are environmental scientists and geologists; others are working on developing sustainable energy solutions such as efficient biofuels or solar and wind technological advances. 

Dedicated to being good neighbors, our employees have logged 1.3 million volunteer hours since 2006 across Northern New Mexico.

Sustainability volunteerism includes cleaning and repairing trails and waterways, launching environmental stewardship and green-housing projects and teaching kids and adults across the state about ecology and sustainability.

On-site, employees created Green Teams committed to advancing sustainability of their work environment by identifying and implementing solutions.

The Green Team at our healthcare building helped make it the Lab’s first High Performance Sustainable Building, achieving major federal sustainability goals by incorporating green improvements and practices. Energy usage in this building alone dropped by 20 percent.