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Addressing national needs by fostering specialized recruiting and strategic partnerships

Engineering Institute

Multidisciplinary engineering research that integrates advanced modeling and simulations, novel sensing systems and new developments in information technology.
May 14, 2013
Los Alamos Research Park

Los Alamos Research Park, the home of Engineering Institute


  • Institute Director
  • Charles Farrar
  • (505) 665-0860
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  • UCSD EI Director
  • Michael Todd
  • (858) 534-5951
  • Executive Administrator
  • Ellie Vigil
  • (505) 667-2818
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  • Institute Administrator
  • Sarah Balkey
  • (505) 667-8777
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Established in 2003, the Engineering Institute is an ongoing research and education collaboration between the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of California San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering. It promotes mission-relevant engineering research collaborations with UCSD faculty and students and provides the Laboratory with a proactive approach to recruiting, retention and revitalization of its technical staff.

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Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School

The Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School is a very selective summer school in which top upper-level US-citizen undergraduate students from universities around the nation attend lectures and work in teams of three with a Los Alamos Lab mentor on research projects related to the Engineering Institute's technology focus.  
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Science of Signatures Advanced Studies Institute

This Institute focuses on developing innovative solution strategies for problems that support the forward deployment theme of the SoS Pillar.
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Judicial Science School

This week-long course, developed through close collaboration between the Laboratory’s top science, engineering, and legal professionals, offers the knowledge and tools that will better prepare judges to evaluate whether scientific arguments and methodologies meet threshold requirements for admissibility in the courtroom.
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Other Components of the Engineering Institute

Los Alamos National Laboratory- Engineering Institute Projects
Joint Los Alamos National Laboratory/UCSD research projects

“Since 2003, the Lab has funded numerous collaborative research projects that involve UCSD faculty members and graduate students from the structural engineering (SE), mechanical and aerospace engineering (MAE), electrical and computer engineering (ECE), and computer science and engineering (CSE) departments.  In addition to their faculty advisor, Lab staff provide additional mentoring for these students when they visit Los Alamos.”

  • Current Projects
  • Past Projects
Engineering Technology
Technical development and integration of the three following fundamental engineering technology areas:
  • Advanced sensing and telemetry hardware
  • Novel signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms
  • Complex multi-scale, physics-based predictive modeling