Technology Development

The Feynman Center facilitates the creation and growth of businesses based on Los Alamos technologies, capabilities and expertise. Staff accomplish this by driving innovation into New Mexico companies that are working on products that can enhance key design and manufacturing capabilities in the state. The Feynman Center also continues to develop more customized entrepreneurial activities to increase spinouts based on Los Alamos technologies.


The Regional Engagement Challenge (REC)

The Regional Engagement Challenge funds new innovative mechanisms and approaches that have the potential to enhance the technology-based ecosystem in NM. The purpose of this support is to help the Richard P. Feynman Center’s partners explore and implement new methods of ecosystem development to increase technology commercialization, stimulate new business startups, attract entrepreneurs, create alternative job opportunities, and attract businesses and capital to the region.

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The New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) Program provides New Mexico small businesses facing technical challenges access to the unique expertise and capabilities of Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories. At no cost to the business, small businesses can seek assistance from lab scientists and engineers to solve challenges and overcome barriers to company success. 

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Los Alamos and Sandia National laboratories in partnership with the State of New Mexico are launching the New Mexico Technology Readiness Gross Receipts Initiative (TRGR) to advance technologies derived from New Mexico National laboratories past invention to be market ready. This is the first call for proposals. Statements of Intent are due August 27, 2020. Requests for assistance will be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter.

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New Mexico LEEP's two-year fellowship program pairs deep tech entrepreneurs with the unique talent and technology of Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories. Fellows are matched with seed capital, a large network of mentors, customers, and investors in this distinctive program. Targeted areas include advanced computing and AI, advanced materials, space systems, clean energy transition, and biotechnology.

Applications for this program open every February and close in April. New fellows are onboarded every January. Applications are now open for NM LEEP through April 22, 2024.  Applications can be submitted here.  More information can be found at