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All portfolio software available through the Laboratory is listed below.


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For more information regarding how to access software from Los Alamos, contact the Software Team.

End User License Agreements (EULA)

These software tools are available through EULAs.

  • KIVA
    The KIVA family of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software predicts complex fuel and air flows as well as ignition, combustion, and pollutant-formation processes in engines.
  • NJOY2010_NJOY2012
    The NJOY Nuclear Data Processing System is a comprehensive computer code package for producing pointwise and multigroup cross sections and related quantities from evaluated nuclear data in the ENDF format, including the latest US library.
    PARMELA is a multi-particle beam dynamics code used primarily for electron-linac beam simulations. The name comes from the phrase, "Phase and Radial Motion in Electron Linear Accelerators.
    PARMTEQ and several other RFQ design codes comprise this group of codes and are used to design high-performance radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ) linacs. PARMTEQ is an acronym for "Phase and Radial Motion in a Transverse Electric Quadrupole."

Executable Downloads

FCI deploys “lite” versions of software users can download with a single click. These downloads are more basic versions designed to provide users with a trial of the software. Selected executable software is available as proprietary source code that can be licensed for a fee.

  • DIsco
    DIsco provides dynamic control and monitoring functionality for multiple Teledyne Isco D-Series syringe pumps and includes features for advanced pump routine development.
  • FEHM (Finite Element Heat and Mass Transfer Code)
    FEHM is used to simulate groundwater and contaminant flow and transport in deep and shallow, fractured and un-fractured porous media throughout the US DOE complex.
  • Improvements to MARFA Code (released as MARFA version 3.2.3)
    The software will be used to assess long-term migration of radioactive material and other contaminants beneath the surface of the Earth.
    Parmila version 2 is an ion linac particle dynamics code.
    Poisson Superfish is a collection of programs for calculating static magnetic and electric fields and radio-frequency electromagnetic fields in either 2-D Cartesian coordinates or axially symmetric cylindrical coordinates.
    RaveGrid (Raster to Vector Graphics for Image Data) version 2.5* is an image vectorization and image segmentation application that takes your raster images and turns them into smaller, editable vector images in the SVG format.
    The RELIC software package allows the user to calculate intermediate-coupling wavefunctions, energy levels, transition strengths (Judd-Ofelt theory), and radiative decay properties of tri-positive lanthanide ions in solids.
  • Seismoacoustic Software
    Addressing local and regional-scale seismological and infrasound problems through a combination of theory, data analysis and field deployments in support of United States treaty/explosion monitoring.
    SEQSTRAP iteratively extrapolates partial length nucleic acid sequences based on comparisons with similar, overlapping sequences.
    Sequedex classifies DNA sequences by analyzing collections of sequences in new ways.
  • Total-Variation Regularized Numerical Differentiation, Version 1.0
  • Trace
    Trace is an interactive beam-dynamics program that calculates the envelopes of a bunched beam, including linear space-charge forces, through a user- defined transport system. Trace 3-D provides an immediate graphics display of the envelopes and the phase-space ellipses and allows nine types of beam-matching options.
  • Trident Compiler
    Trident is a compiler for floating point algorithms written in C, producing circuits in reconfigurable logic that exploit the parallelism available in the input description.

Mobile Apps

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