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Science, Technology, and Engineering Capability Reviews

Measuring and continuously improving the quality of the Laboratory’s science, technology, and engineering

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Six orbital planes in which Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites fly around Earth.

This image illustrates the six orbital planes in which Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites (“navigational satellites,” or ns) fly around Earth. For the first time in history, data from space-weather sensors developed by Los Alamos on board the nation’s GPS satellites is publicly available. The data will help researchers better understand how space weather works and how to best protect critical infrastructure, such as the nation’s satellites, aircraft, communications networks, navigation systems, and the electric power grid.

Assessing the quality of the Lab's STE

Los Alamos uses yearly external reviews, called capability reviews, to measure and continuously improve the quality of its science, technology and engineering (STE).

During capability reviews, an external committee assesses the STE quality, institutional integration and relevance, and advises Lab management on the current and future health of the Lab’s STE. A final report from each review includes the committee’s assessments, commendations and recommendations for improving each capability.

FY18 Capability Reviews

Six capability reviews are scheduled at Los Alamos for 2018. Select the title to access more information (access restricted to committee members and organizers).

Capability Review Date Lab POC
Engineering (ENG) March 19-22 Paul Wantuck
Integrating Information, Science and Technology for Prediction (IS&T) April 4-6 John Sarrao
Materials for the Future (MAT) April 8-11 Mary Hockaday
Nuclear and Particle Futures (NPF) April 30 - May 2 John Sarrao
Science of Signatures (SoS) April 23-25 Nan Sauer
Weapons Science and Engineering (WSE) April 16-18 Michael Bernardin
Mark Chadwick

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