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Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Quantum Information and Sensors

Thanks to the principles of quantum physics, we create new ways to protect the nation and to secure commerce, banking, communications, and data transfer.


Breakthrough quantum information science, technology

Physics Division’s quantum information science and technology capability supports present and future Laboratory missions in cyber-security, sensing, nonproliferation, information science, and materials.

Collaborating with researchers at Los Alamos and leading institutions throughout the nation, Physics Division scientists are involved in projects in quantum communications, including quantum key distribution and quantum-enabled security and networking, and in quantum cold-atom physics.

Recent fundamental science results include the ability to “paint” potentials that can trap Bose-Einstein condensates into geometric forms, such as the toroidal ring of clusters, the density of which is measured in the image at right. Such rings of many atoms demonstrate quantum effects such as quantized rotation velocity. Technology such as this has applications for quantum-assisted sensing that can make revolutionary breakthroughs in measurements of many types.