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Materials Synthesis and Integrated Devices

We conduct basic and applied research in areas related to applied energy programs and a variety of problems relevant to the weapons program.

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Dipen Sinha and team win Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prize

Los Alamos researcher Dipen Sinha and team were recognized with the Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prize.

Research for new developments in device technology, practical application of materials

The Materials Synthesis and Integrated Devices Group (MPA-11) provides innovative and creative solutions needed to solve technical challenges across the Laboratory’s missions, including energy security, stockpile stewardship, and global threat reduction.

Our core areas of research focus on the following:

  • Polymer electrolyte fuel cells for transportation and portable power
  • Acoustic sensor technologies for enhanced fossil energy utilization
  • Weapons aging, weapons safety
  • Synthesis of actinide materials to understand bonding and reactivity
  • Polymer membranes for greenhouse gas separations and carbon sequestration
  • Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization for optimizing catalysis and light-to-energy conversion processes
  • Electrochemical-based gas/vapor sensors

Our research forms a basis for new developments in device technology and practical application of materials. We have significant expertise in the design and incorporation of new materials into devices for a variety of applications driven by our missions. Much of our work also involves interactions with industrial sponsors and partners.

Key capabilities
  • Electrochemistry and electrocatalysis
  • Fuel cell modeling, design, fabrication, testing
  • Design and synthesis of materials for hydrogen storage
  • Polymer synthesis of membranes for fuel cell applications
  • Acoustic interrogation of materials and acoustic manipulation of particles
  • Materials development in support of stockpile stewardship and safety
  • Molecular synthesis and actinide chemistry
  • Advanced polymer membrane deposition and characterization for gas separations
  • Chemical vapor deposition of two-dimensional materials, such as graphene oxide and transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Innovative gas sensor development