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A nuclear and radiochemistry radionuclide assay facility

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  • Group Leader
  • Felicia Taw
  • Deputy Group Leader
  • Warren Oldham
  • Team Leader
  • Don Dry
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  • (505) 667-4546

Countroom focuses on high precision fission product measurements and alpha spectrometry

The Countroom Team occupies a 7,000 ft2 facility with manual and automated gamma spectrometers, alpha spectrometers, beta counters, liquid scintillation counters, and autoradiography scanners. Many of these systems date back to the beginning of nuclear testing, and historic calibrations of these systems are maintained.

This team is capable of quantifying activity from sub-environmental and bioassay levels to highly radioactive, freshly irradiated materials. The team supports many institutional programs, as well as treaty monitoring efforts at national and international levels.

This facility operates a wide range of automated and manual counters. The instrumentation includes 80+ gamma spectrometers, 100+ alpha spectrometers, two liquid scintillation counters, 6 automatic beta counters, a high purity germanium Clover detector, and digital autoradiography.

Ge Clover Detector

  • The high purity Ge Clover Detector is a high efficiency, low background detector system with active background suppression and event-by-event data capture.