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Gas and Organic Analysis

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Gas and organic compound separation, identification and quantitative analysis by gas chromatography (GC) coupled with thermal conductivity detection (TCD) and/or mass spectrometry (MS) or directly by a Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA).

GC analysis can be performed by tradition instrumentation or micro-GC technology with analysis times from seconds to 30 minutes.

Mass spectrometry is supported with either quadrupole or high resolution double focusing mass spectrometer for exact mass measurements.

Supercritical Fluid System
Supercritical Fluid System
Supercritical CO2 separations technology and high gradient magnetic separations.
Hydrogen Processing Lab

Hydrogen Processing LabHydrogen Processing Lab - tritium separations technology
Supports tritium separations technology, Uranium storage bed experimentation, and Instrumentation for tritium quantification.