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Elemental Analysis and Imaging

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  • Peter Stark
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  • Tom Yoshida
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Materials characterization using nondestructive elemental analysis and spatially resolved elemental imaging with micro x-ray fluorescence

Inorganic metals analysis, isotope ratio measurements, and laser ablation of solids for ultra-low detection using ICP mass spectrometry and emission spectroscopy.

Field portable instrumentation for Global Security and Industrial applications.

Forensic Analytical Chemistry and Signature Science - complex glass matrix samples Forensic Analytical Chemistry and Signature Science
Complex glass matrix samples can be analyzed without dissolution using x-ray fluorescence, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, and laser ablation ICP-MS.

Remote Sensing for Global Security - high-resolution camera with gimbal mount - Remote Sensing for Global Security
High-resolution camera with gimbal mount attached to an airplane for long-range data capture and real-time analysis of signatures and land-based feature.