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Threat Reduction

The threat reduction mission depends heavily on analytical chemistry

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Threat reduction covers a wide range of activities

This activities include collaboration with international colleagues to detect and prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons; decommissioning of excess weapons plutonium; fabrication and certification of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs).

Threat reduction and stockpile support

  • Among other scientific advances, Actinide Analytical Chemistry has demonstrated the capability to collect and analyze particulates representative of select plutonium and uranium processing operations performed at the Lab. These signatures may prove useful in detecting proliferation activities aimed at acquiring and weaponizing nuclear materials.
International Collaboration

International Collaboration

Chemists at the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment and at the Lab share technical problem-solving and opportunities at international meetings. At left, an AWE chemist demonstrates an automated Davies Gray titration system for uranium assay determination. At right, a Lab chemist fabricates filaments for Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry.

Threat Reduction - Plutonium reference materials and NDA standards for DHS/DNDO