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Statistical Sciences

Applying statistical reasoning and rigor to multidisciplinary scientific investigations
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    We are hiring excellent statisticians. See your work have an impact!

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    Career Development

    Concentrate on skills to move toward career goals at an acclaimed government facility

  • Emily Caselton

    Professional Collaboration

    Stay connected to the external statistics community though peer reviewing and conference attendance.

  • Critical Science

    Investigate high-impact science obstacles with a wide range of statistical tools

  • Flexible Work Models

    With flexible work models, you can enjoy the group of roughly 30 Ph.D. statisticians from your office or home.

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  • Kim Kaufeld
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  • Hailey Lloyd
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Statistical scientific expertise serving our nation

We engage in research, development, and collaborative application of statistical methods.

Our projects extend across a wide range of high-impact science, technology, and engineering areas supporting national and global security missions, including:

  • materials design
  • networks and infrastructure
  • image and signals
  • space systems
  • epidemiology
  • environmental management
  • cyber-physical systems
  • energy systems
  • analysis of complex engineered systems including the nuclear stockpile

Recruiting early career to senior statistics staff

Work as a statistician, actively participating in programmatic work and research activities, which include contributing to innovation in statistical methodology; advancing applications through rigorous statistical modeling and analysis in basic and applied science as well as national and global security; initiating and developing new projects; mentoring students, postdocs, and early career staff; and participating in professional activities, including publication. The position will promote development in statistical practice and in the profession of statistics.

An early-career statistician will find the opportunity to launch their career in statistics through

  • collaborative applications
  • development and application of methods and models
  • interactions with colleagues
  • active mentoring
  • professional development, including publication and conference participation

A mid-career statistician will find a productive environment for

  • developing new collaborations and defining new projects
  • pursuing novel statistical modeling applications and methods research
  • contributing to high-impact teams from basic science to national security

A senior statistician will take leadership roles in

  • developing and applying novel and advanced statistical methods, and seeing your vision realized in broad capability areas
  • managing complex projects
  • developing successful large-scale collaborative proposals, and advocating for incorporation of statistics in new opportunities and initiatives
  • peer-review in the statistical community and in large organizations
  • recruiting and developing next-generation statistical talent for long-term organizational success
Capabilities, Research Areas
  • Uncertainty Quantification of Computer Models
  • Sampling and Data Planning
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments
  • Reliability
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Statistical Computation
  • Statistical Graphics and Visualization
  • Analysis of Measurement Systems
  • Christine M. Anderson-Cook
  • Thomas Burr
  • Nicholas Frontiere
  • Geralyn M. Hemphill
  • David Higdon
  • Arthur Koehler
  • Arthur Lui
  • William Meeker
  • Sarah Ellen Michalak
  • Max Morris
  • William H. Press (Bill)
  • Christopher S. Reese (Shane)
  • Kenneth Ryan
  • Thomas Santner
  • Curtis Storlie
  • Lawrence O. Ticknor
  • Stephen Vardeman
  • Richard Warr
  • Alyson Wilson