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Nuclear and Particle Physics and Applications (P-3)

We play a major role in large-scale scientific collaborations at LANSCE and around the world, performing experiments that advance the understanding of the universe and applying our expertise to solve problems of national importance.

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Chi Nu Detector Array

The Chi Nu detector array at LANSCE's Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) Facility

Making important contributions to basic and applied physics

We are composed of staff with a broad base of skills exploring both fundamental physics questions and practical applications of nuclear and particle physics. Our group includes scientists, engineers, technologists and technicians, postdoctoral researchers, graduate, undergraduate, high school students, and support personnel.

We lead or play a major role in collaborations with physicists from universities and institutions around the world, performing experiments at world-class facilities. Our group is composed of the following teams:

Some recent major projects include:


The P-3 group is currently composed of three teams. Links below provide additional information about our Focus Areas and the Focus Leader contacts.

P-3 Teams
Focus Area Focus Leader
High Energy Nuclear Physics Matt Durham
Neutron Takeyasu Ito
Low Energy Nuclear Physics Jack Winkelbauer

P-3 operates the Ultracold Neutron Source (UCN) facility at LANSCE and carries out experiments in fundamental and applied physics at UCN.

P-3 also carries out a number of experiments at the Lujan and WNR facilities at LANSCE, and provides many of the Instrument Scientists who oversee experimental efforts at the facilities.