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Space and Remote Sensing

Developing and applying remote sensing capabilities to problems of global security and related sciences


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  • Brittany Adam
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  • Lorraine Johnson
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ChemCam Mast Unit for Mars Rover

Los Alamos scientist removes the laser safety plug on the ChemCam Mast Unit, selected for the Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity.

Remote sensing instrumentation for national security, sciences issues

The Space and Remote Sensing Group (ISR-2) develops and applies remote sensing instrumentation to problems of national security and related sciences.

Applications include

  • space-based nuclear detonation detection
  • space situational awareness
  • airborne remote sensing
  • nuclear proliferation detection
  • atmospheric science, climatology, lightning science, ionospheric physics, planetary science, astrophysics

We also pursue new ideas in technologies and applications related to our mission.


Radio-frequency (RF) sensing research and development

  • RF detection technology and methods
  • Radio interferometry techniques for astrophysics and space situational awareness
  • Source, propagation, instrument, systems development and modeling
  • Field testing

On-orbit RF science and applications

  • U.S. Nuclear Detection System operations: performance assessment, anomaly resolution, support of electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) sensor missions
  • Science: ionospheric propagation and effects, lightning science
  • Designing new generation EMP sensors, beacons, antennas

Electromagnetic measurement and signatures

  • Novel RF and optical sensing and processing techniques
  • Nuclear proliferation detection
  • Signature discovery and definition
  • Field testing