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Space Electronics and Signal Processing

Developing custom sensors, instruments and systems for applications requiring advanced detection, monitoring or assessment technologies


  • Group Leader
  • Roberta Klisiewicz
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  • Deputy Group Leader
  • Myles Fitzgerald
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  • Administrative Specialist
  • Jessi Marie Robinson
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Los Alamos National Laboratory's Prometheus program developed and launched eight advanced 1.5U cubesats in November 2013.

Quality, reliable instruments for demanding space environments

The Space Electronics and Signal Processing Group (ISR-4) develops high quality, reliable instruments and systems for unattended, stable, long-term, failure-free operation in demanding environments such as high radiation, high temperature, high pressure, and caustic fluids.

An integrated engineering approach permits close interactions among the scientists, modeling and analysis personnel, and engineering and technical personnel experienced in optical, electrical, and mechanical fabrication.

ISR-4 has developed more than 600 instruments and systems from design to completion in the past 30 years.

Focus Areas

Custom miniaturized electronics  

  • Advanced instrumentation concept development
  • Analog, digital, and radio-frequency (RF) circuit design
  • Field-programmable gate array design
  • Application-specific integrated circuit design
  • Power supply design

Analog and digital signal processing

  • Radiation detection instrumentation (front- and back-end electronics)
  • RF instrumentation
  • Software-defined radio (impulsive signature detection and communications)

Los Alamos signature capabilities

  • Nano-satellites
  • Remote ultra low light imaging
  • Quantum secured communications