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November 5, 2021


Let's make a cloud in a jar!

In this video, we make a cloud-in-a-jar three different ways, discuss the physical processes occurring that cause each cloud to form and explain how and why clouds form in the atmosphere.

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Cloudwatching Tutorial

New Mexico is known for its spectacular skies and stunning cloud formations. Once you learn how to identify and name those clouds, the sky becomes an endless source of exploration. Whether watching Cirrus clouds while hiking or Cumulonimbus clouds from your backyard, learning just ten names can unlock the secrets to almost every cloud in the sky.


Working on the Seismic Seat exhibit at home—with six curious cats.

Bradbury Science Museum educator Mel Strong works at home on a new interactive museum exhibit while his cat co-workers do their best to interfere. Mel gives some tips on how to coexist with your cats while working from home. This is part of the new Nuclear Explosion Monitoring (NEM) exhibit opening at the Bradbury Science Museum.