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ScienceFest 2020

Cloud watching with the Bradbury Science Museum.
July 1, 2020
Cloud watching graphic

Join Mel Strong and Chelsea Redman at the Bradbury Science Museum's virtual Discovery Day booth.


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New Mexico is known for its spectacular skies and stunning cloud formations. Once you learn how to identify and name those clouds, the sky becomes an endless source of exploration. Whether watching Cirrus clouds while hiking or Cumulonimbus clouds from your backyard, learning just ten names can unlock the secrets to almost every cloud in the sky.

On Discovery Day 2020, the Bradbury Science Museum will host a virtual session and tutorial on cloud watching. Museum Educators will lead a video tutorial on how to identify the ten basic cloud types, as well as a few additional clouds commonly seen in New Mexico. Follow along with cloud flashcards from the Bradbury Science Museum website. They will also live stream an interactive cloud creation activity with materials easily found in most homes!

One of ScienceFest’s signature events, Discovery Day is about bringing together together thousands of attendees and hundreds of local scientists, engineers, artists, and techies. It’s a full-on family-friendly, nerd extravaganza with interactive science demonstrations, tons of kid-friendly activities, virtual live music, and much, much more. 

For more information on Discovery Day, ScienceFest 2020, and other Los Alamos MainStreet events, please see the Los Alamos MainStreet webpage.