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Our Guides’ favorite exhibits.
July 1, 2020
Exterior of the Bradbury Science Museum.


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When open, the Bradbury Science Museum is an entirely self-guided experience. Till now, that is! Thanks to our eight guides, both virtual and in-person visitors to the Bradbury will now have the option to follow along on their phones as our guides "lead" you through the galleries to their favorite exhibits. Enjoy learning what makes the Trinitite exhibit so intriguing to Jen Olsen and why Lab research into biofuels is personal for Jane Clements. Today, there are seven new, guide-narrated entries to explore and more will follow. 

Want to see the exhibits while you’re on the Guide by Cell tour? Open the Research on Science and Engineering of Signatures (RoSES) Virtual Tour and travel through the galleries while you listen. To listen to our new Guide by Cell tours, dial 505-515-0004 and select the tour number you’d like to listen to followed by the # key.

  • Atomic Age Begins 202003#
  • Trinitite 202004#
  • Fireset 202005#
  • Building Immunity 202006#
  • Algae to Biofuels 202007#
  • Stockpile Stewardship 202011#
  • Explosives 202012#