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Project Y ID Photos

Do you know someone who worked at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project?
February 28, 2020
Project Y identification photos.

Project Y identification photos.


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If so, you might be able to check out their official Manhattan Project ID photos. The actual identification pictures from over 1200 Project Y workers are safely tucked away in the Lab’s archives, but the Bradbury Science Museum created a catalogue of those workers’ ID photos for guests to investigate. 

Located in the History Gallery below the Manhattan Project timeline, this collection of black and white identification photographs offers viewers the opportunity to place faces with historical names, to discover the diversity of that early workforce, and perhaps to even find friends or relatives within the many faces. 

Artifacts—officially accessioned or not—are essential to any museum’s ability to tell the best possible story. At the Bradbury, our exhibit designers, fabricators, and educators use artifacts from each of the Museum’s collections to create visual, tangible connections between Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Bradbury’s visitors—over 60,000 annually. Many of our officially accessioned and highly treasured artifacts are on display in the Museum, but artifacts from our other collections are every bit as integral to telling the Lab’s story. This catalogue of ID photos from our educational collection offers viewers an intriguing portrait of 1,223 of the Lab’s early personalities and hopefully makes guests wonder about life on the mesas, and around the globe, during the Manhattan Project. 

More information about those ID photos is available on the Lab’s website

If you’re curious about that early Lab workforce and Los Alamos history, don’t miss this month’s Night with a Nerd presentation with Georgia Strickfaden, who will be presenting Workforce: The Girls from Las Vegas (NM) at the Manhattan Project.