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Manhattan Project in Los Alamos: Facilities and Places

The Manhattan Project National Historical Park tells the story of the people, the events, and the science and engineering that led to the creation of the atomic bombs that helped bring an end to World War II. The park allows visitors to explore how the creation of these weapons changed the world.
  • Ice House Memorial

    2. Ice House Memorial

    This memorial contains original stone from the Ranch School’s ice house, which was torn down in 1957.

  • Ice House, Manhattan Project

    2. Ice House

    Project Y scientists used the ice house to assemble the nuclear components of the Trinity gadget, the first tested atomic device.

  • Ashley Pond, 1945

    3. Ashley Pond

    Ashley Pond was at the center of the fenced and guarded Technical Area 1 (TA-1).

  • Ashley Pond, Los Alamos Ranch School

    3. Ashley Pond

    The pond was named after Mr. Ashley Pond, the founder of the Los Alamos Ranch School.

  • Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos Ranch School

    5. Fuller Lodge

    Fuller Lodge was built in 1928 as the dining hall for the Los Alamos Ranch School.

  • Fuller Lodge

    5. Fuller Lodge

    During Project Y, the Lodge hosted numerous community activities such as concerts, dances, dinners, and other special events.

  • Stone Power House

    8. Stone Power House

    This structure was built in 1933 to house the Ranch School’s electrical generator.

  • Stone Power House

    8. Stone Power House

    After remodeling in 1944–1945, explosives expert George Kistiakowsky lived here.

  • WAC Dormitory interior, 1945

    14. WAC Dormitory

    This Manhattan Project dormitory housed some of the Women’s Army Corps members stationed here.

  • WAC Dormitory

    14. WAC Dormitory

    Now this building is the privately-owned Christian Science Reading Room.

  • East Cafeteria

    15. WWII Cafeteria

    This was the favorite mess hall for the military members of the Project. Now it is the Los Alamos Performing Arts Center.

Walking tour map of downtown sites

Manhattan Project National Historic Park walking tour of downtown sites