Los Alamos National Labs with logo 2021

Objectives, Outcomes, Initiatives

Simultaneous excellence in nuclear security; mission-focused science, technology and engineering; mission operations; and community relations—these are the hallmarks of our Laboratory.

Nuclear Security

Champion: Bob Webster

We design, produce and certify current and future nuclear weapons and reduce global nuclear threats
  • Execute LANL’s Manufacturing mission to deliver 30 plutonium pits per year
  • Transform nuclear weapons warhead design and production
  • Anticipate threats to global security and develop/deploy revolutionary tools to detect, deter and respond
  • Continue to support W88 Alt 370, Alt 940 and B61-12 Life-Extension Program
  • Assess the stockpile as it ages and project the lifetimes of weapons systems


Mission-Focused Science, Technology and Engineering

Champion: John Sarrao

We deliver scientific discovery and technical breakthroughs that support the missions of the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration
  • Refresh and refine the capability pillar framework for our Laboratory
  • Advance accelerator science, engineering and technology to enable future stewardship capabilities
  • Advance the frontiers of computing to exascale and beyond
  • Assert leadership in the national quantum initiative
  • Develop and implement an integrated nuclear energy and materials initiative
  • Develop and implement an integrated initiative for plutonium and actinide missions


Mission Operations

Champion: Kelly Beierschmitt

We execute operations that are reliable and responsive to mission needs
  • Change organizational culture, with an emphasis on organizational learning
  • Improve integrated planning across priority mission activities and infrastructure
  • Address critical issues related to Nuclear Material Control and Accountability, nuclear safety, criticality safety, and waste
  • Implement systematic process improvement to drive increased rigor and efficiency in work execution
  • Enhance quality of work life, workforce planning and training and development


Community Relations

Champion: Frances Chadwick

We sustain and enhance LANL’s partnership with the community across the northern New Mexico region
  • Continue our commitment to the community with education, economic and philanthropic investments of time and resources
  • Strengthen pipelines and partnerships to build the workforce of the future
  • Enhance small business participation in executing LANL’s scope across all directorates