Remote Access

Laboratory employees can access Research Library databases and products from offsite using our EZproxy service.

This service is limited to LANL employees with active Z numbers and cryptocards.

Access Electronic Collections with EZproxy

Use EZproxy for Remote Access to
Journals - Books - Standards - Databases (Web of Science, Scopus, etc.)

EZproxy Login Button

How to use EZproxy:

  1. From this page: Click on the Log In button above.

    From external site: Select "OFFSITE LANL Employee".

  2. Enter your Z number and Cryptocard passcode.
  3. You will be redirected to the Library search page.

Use these guides to see screenshots and steps for remote access.


EZproxy does time out, or you can log out explicitly.

ezproxy log out button

While in EZproxy, the URL in the browser bar will include If it does not appear, you have followed a link out of EZproxy. Try backing up to a proxied page, or logging in again. is not necessary or recommended for this type of access. Using both EZproxy and will result in slow connections.

Access RASSTI, Los Alamos Authors, or LDRD using Portal


How to use Portal:

  1. Log into
  2. Enter your Z number and Cryptocard passcode.
  3. From the Portal menu, choose Research Library. Navigate to your desired location


Use the URLs below:

Special Cases:

  • To use EBL or to access My Account in the catalog, separate login is required.
  • SciFinder: use this SciFinder link. You need a SciFinder account to use resources.
  • DOI: Use this DOI website link, and enter the DOI name (ex. 10.1000/182). NOTE: Not everything in the DOI system is covered by Laboratory subscription.