Reference Management

Manage citations, PDFs, and more from varied resources and databases to organize references, keep notes to stay ahead of the game.


Reference management (bibliographic) tools allow you to:

  • Compile, create, and organize bibliographic references in a single location
  • Create bibliographies from those records, choosing from multiple output styles

EndNote {} is hosted locally on your computer.  The software can be acquired from ESD.

EndNote Web {} is the online version of EndNote, integrated with the Web of Science database.


Other tools

Check with your OCSR before installing any software on Lab computers

  • BibTex - a tool and file format often used with LaTeX documents
  • Mendeley - a free reference manager and PDF organizer
  • Zotero - a browser add-on for collecting, organizing, citing, and sharing web resources

Downloading/importing citations

Most databases let you save/export citations, including Web of Knowledge, PubMed, and the Research Library Catalog.  Choose RIS, BibTeX, or any other tagged format.  Then you can import this file into your favored bibliographic management tool.


To request help on any of these features--importing citations, organizing references, creating bibliographies--see our Training page.