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IHS provides most standards for LANL, such as ANSI and ISO; does not include IEEE standards.  IHS's Engineering Workbench interface uses LANL cryptocard login.

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Collections by Developer in Engineering Workbench: 

ANSI historical standards (1986- )
ANSI nuclear standards
API Select
ASME + Historical
     Historical ASME standards [Uncheck "Most Recent Revision" when searching]
ASSP (formerly ASSE)
ASTM+ Historical + Redlines
DRM+ Historical
IAPMO 2015 (Mechanical, Plumbing, Solar) [Uncheck "Most Recent Revision" when searching]
ICC 2015 I-codes [Uncheck "Most Recent Revision" when searching any I-code]
    For older ICC codes contact Tobin Oruch (ES-FE)
ICC 2018 IECC - International Energy Conservation Code

ISO standards available :
 - ISO 5725-2 - measurement methods
 - ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems
 - ISO 10011-1:3 - Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems
 - ISO 10015 - Quality Management - Guidelines for Training
 - ISO 14644-1:8 - cleanrooms
 - ISO ISO/IEC 17025 - testing and calibration laboratories
NBBI - National Board Inspection Code
NFPA + Historical
NIBS National CAD Standard (NCS)
NQA (selected)
  NQA-1: 2015
  [for Historical, Uncheck "Most Recent Revision" when searching]
SAE (selected)
TIA (selected)

More Standards by Developer:

AHRI standards
AISC standards

ANSI additional
 - ANSI/LIA Z136.1 -2014 Safe Use of Lasers
 - ANSI/LIA Z136.1 -2007 Safe Use of Lasers
 - ANSI/LIA Z136.1 -2000 Safe Use of Lasers, and errata sheet (withdrawn)
 - ANSI/LIA Z136.2 - Safe Use of Optical Fiber Communication Systems Utilizing Laser Diode and LED Sources (1997 version, no longer active)
CGA standards - contact Robert Payment ( or Ben Swartz ( with the information of the CGA documents you need access to. Available CGA publications
IAEA Safety Standards
IEC 61000 series (to view the IEC standards, click on the 'View My Documents' link on the right side of the page, then check the box by IEC on the left hand side under 'Content Providers')
ISO standards available from ANSI:
ISO 10005:2018 Quality Management – Guidelines for Quality Plans 
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14040:2006
ISO 14044:2006
ISO/TS 14048:2002
ISO 18901:2010 Imaging Materials—Processed silver-gelatin type black-and-white films—Specifications for stability 
ISO 18911:2010 Imaging materials—Processed safety photographic films 
ISO 18918:2000 Imaging materials—Processed photographic plates—Storage practices
ISO 18920:2011 Imaging Materials— Reflection Prints—Storage Practices
ISO 18923:2000 Imaging Materials—Polyester-Base Magnetic Tape—Storage Practices 
ISO 18925:2013 Imaging Materials—Optical Disc Media—Storage Practices
ITSDF B56 standards - from the Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation
NESC (goes to IEEE Xplore)
2017 National Electrical Safety Code 
2017 Handbook
NISO standards
SDI Technical Documents - from the Steel Door Institute - also see their selected ANSI standards

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