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Individual Permit reports are prepared annually to facilitate public review of activities for the previous year.


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Individual Permit for Storm Water Reports

Compliance Status Reports
Non-IP / Watershed Reports

Los Alamos/Pueblo


2016 Sandia Wetland Performance Report

April 28, 2016 Submittal of the 2015 Sandia Wetland Performance Report

April 29, 2015 Submittal of the Sandia Wetland Performance Report Performance Period April 2014-December 2014

June 30, 2014, Sandia Wetland Performance Report, Baseline Conditions 2012-2014 (pdf)

Pajarito Watershed

Water/Cañon de Valle

June 30, 2014, Results of 2013 Sediment Monitoring in the Water Canyon and Canon de Valle Watershed (pdf)

Ancho/Chaquehui Watershed

Target Action Level (TAL) Exceedance Reports