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The nation’s scientific credibility now plays a key role in national security and nuclear deterrence in an increasingly dangerous and unstable world.
July 1, 2015
Welcome to this Issue

Craig Leasure


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The world remains a dangerous and unstable place, as Russia rattles its sabers, North Korea seems intent on developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, and more nations are considering their own nuclear weapons programs. These threats reinforce the ongoing need for a strong U.S. nuclear deterrent.

But that deterrent faces a challenge. Since the United States gave up nuclear testing in 1992, we have not directly demonstrated our deterrent’s ability to thwart nuclear aggression.  How then does the nation to convey to its adversaries and allies—and even to its own military—that two decades later its nuclear deterrent still packs its punch?

If the nation continues to demonstrate its worldwide scientific superiority in nonnuclear weapons science, then when our scientists and engineers, like those at Los Alamos, promise that the U.S. stockpile is still good to go, our adversaries and allies, along with our own warfighters, will have faith in that promise.