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What Is an Air Force Fellow?

U.S. Air Force Colonel Kelvin Townsend was assigned to Los Alamos as an Air Force Nuclear Fellow to strengthen the partnership between the Air Force and the Laboratory.
July 1, 2013
What Is an Air Force Fellow?

U.S. Air Force Colonel Kelvin Townsend


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My time here provided valuable insight into the role of the DOE and its weapons labs in the nuclear enterprise.

The Airforce Fellow program plays a major role in contributing ideas for enhancing national security and ensuring the continuing effectiveness of the United States Air Force. It does that through three main goals. The first goal is strategic communication—solidifying the relationship between the Air Force and the civilian academic and policy communities, as well as providing the Fellow with opportunities to deliver current Air Force strategic messages to civilian and government counterparts. Second, the program broadens and develops senior leader competencies.

Finally, Fellows evaluate national and international security policy and processes by analyzing current perspectives on defense policy and strategy issues and by reviewing technologies critical to the strategic warfare capabilities of the United States and its allies.