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Military Academy Students at LANL

U.S. cadets and midshipmen intern at Los Alamos National Laboratory during a summer of hands-on science.
July 1, 2013
Military Academy Students at LANL

Annapolis midshipmen in the SARA program take time out from work to climb New Mexico’s highest mountain, the 13,000-foot Wheeler Peak.


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We assign them problems with a direct bearing on each student’s academic program and on the work of the Laboratory.

Twenty-six military academy participants in the Service Academies Research Associates (SARA) program spent part of their 2013 summer participating in ongoing Laboratory projects. The purpose of the SARA program is to help inform the next generation of military decision makers about the science and technology capabilities of the Lab.

The 2013 students became contributing members of several Lab teams, such as those working to produce a portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, extend the life of the B61 nuclear bomb, use Monte Carlo supercomputer codes to model radiation’s interaction with different materials, or process plutonium isotopes for use as a power source for space missions.

The summer’s assignments left time for tours of Lab facilities and the Nevada National Security Site as well as for recreation in northern New Mexico’s engaging environment.