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Debunking six big myths about nuclear weapons

Are nuclear weapons obsolete, useless, and too expensive? The Russians and the Chinese don’t seem to think so.
March 26, 2015
Debunking Six Big Myths about Nuclear Weapons

Instead of reducing their stockpiles, other nuclear nations are busy increasing their stockpile numbers and designing and building newer, more-modern weapons and weapon delivery systems.


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  • Clay Dillingham
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Given these realities, nuclear weapons are not going away.

Many rational thinkers hold beliefs and opinions about nuclear weapons that are contrary to fact. Examples include “maintaining the U.S. nuclear deterrent is just too expensive,” or “the United States can maintain an effective nuclear deterrent by relying solely on its nuclear submarines,” or “the world is made safer every time the U.S. nuclear stockpile is reduced.”

However, these are myths commonly held by a thoughtful but often not-well-informed public. This article provides readers with the facts that will debunk these and other myths regarding nuclear weapons.


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