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A personal message from David Clark, National Security Education Center Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
September 1, 2015
David Clark, National Security Education Center Director

David Clark, National Security Education Center Director


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David Clark

Los Alamos National Laboratory is a unique research institution. We tackle problems that are inherently large, complex and multidisciplinary in nature. Our workforce helps to ensure the security of our nation, explore new planets or find cures for disease. But our ability to support these missions is only as good as the people we attract to the Laboratory. 

To help develop a future workforce, the Laboratory’s National Security Education Center supports six centers and institutes that are aligned with the Laboratory’s scientific strategies and host summer schools, seminars, conferences and multidisciplinary research activities: the Center for Nonlinear Studies; the Engineering Institute; the Information Science and Technology Institute; the Institute for Geophysics, Planetary Physics and Signatures; the Institute for Materials Science and the Seaborg Institute. 

This year alone, Los Alamos has supported over 1400 students and 350 postdoctoral researchers so far, including many from northern New Mexico. The Computer System, Cluster and Networking Summer Institute is an important example.

Great mentors and driven students provide the key to a successful education program. These students are not just getting an educational experience, many choose to stay and work at the Laboratory, and they represent an important pipeline of future talent. Today, well over one third of the entire Laboratory workforce was a former student or postdoctoral researcher.

Our programs help develop a future generation of workers who have the quality and breadth necessary to face the future challenges of our nation.

- David Clark


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