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Celebrating the Lab’s 70th Anniversary

Activities centered on the week of July 22
August 1, 2013
Former Lab manager Don Cobb and his wife enjoy the Lab's 70th anniversary event

Former Lab manager Don Cobb and his wife enjoy the Lab's 70th anniversary event


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Activities centered on the week of July 22

While the Lab didn’t have an actual birthday party, many of the activities to honor its 70th anniversary took place during the week of July 22. Monday began with a two-day lecture series themed to echo a Primer series originally held for Manhattan Project scientists to bring the newly recruited scientists up to speed on the work required of them in creating the first atomic weapon.

Fast-forward 70 years, and this time the talks centered on various aspects of the Lab’s mission with presenters from the United Kingdom and France and sectors represented such as the Departments of Energy and Defense. In addition directors from Sandia and Lawrence Livermore national laboratories talked about national security. There was even a Directors roundtable that brought together the current director, Charlie McMillan, together with three of his predecessors to talk about their perspectives and the challenges they see related to an aging nuclear stockpile.

Additionally, a Community Leaders Breakfast was held that Wednesday where Director McMillan brought more than 175 attendees up to date on several Lab topics including hiring levels, procurements and other budget issues. After the presentation, the leaders were able to take one of several tours to more fully explore the Laboratory’s work and achievements in science and technology.

That same week on Saturday, employees and their families had an opportunity to learn more about the Lab’s work and history along a host of activities designed for all ages. There were 17 different tours, food, fun for all and time to enjoy the day.

Something for everyone

boy playing on mat

There were activities for those of all ages

Luckily, everyone can help celebrate the Lab’s anniversary through the its free “70 Years of Creating Tomorrow” app for both Apple products and the droid. And for those who can’t make it to the Bradbury Science Museum for the anniversary’s lecture series what will run through December, the talks are being posted on the museum’s website. In addition, you can access its “70 Years of Innovation” site that features some of its researchers on the “Faces of Science” site.