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Student housing needed and more science stories
May 1, 2013
Student housing needed this summer

Student housing needed this summer


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Summer student housing needed

Each year students arrive in the region from all over the country and the world and they need a place to live for the summer.

If you have rental housing suitable for these students, you can send the information for posting on the Lab’s Student Housing page: http://www.lanl.gov/careers/career-options/student-internships/student-housing.php.

For more information, contact Rebecca Duran with the Lab at (505) 663-5110 or rduran@lanl.gov.

Latest issue of Lab science magazine available

Every few months the Lab puts out another issue of 1663 (a reference to the post office box number used during the secretive war years) that highlights some of the work that seeks to serve the nation and the world. The most recent issue includes how the Lab is working to make fossil fuel use greener, quantum computers and how simulations could help slow the advance of a potential pandemic.

For this, and other Lab publications that cover a range of topics, go to http://www.lanl.gov/newsroom/publications/index.php.