Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 27-29, 2018

This workshop will consist of talks and panel discussions on opportunities to use the Los Alamos Proton Radiography Facility (pRad), coupled with additional diagnostics for materials studies at the mesoscale and beyond.

Open sessions will be held at the historic La Fonda Hotel, a landmark on the plaza of Santa Fe, New Mexico. A classified session will be held at Los Alamos National Laboratory open to personnel with a DOE Q clearance. Optional events, open to all participants, include a workshop dinner, a tour of the LANL Proton Radiography Facility at LANSCE, and a hands-on data analysis tutorial.


  • Broadcast the types of materials science experiments currently possible using the Proton Radiography Facility at LANSCE (pRad)
  • Identify science questions in the materials science community to be resolved using proton radiography
  • Increase the breadth of materials science performed at pRad
  • For pRad, identify technical developments required to address national security questions and strategic investments to benefit materials science and national security projects


  • Properties, behavior, and solidification of metals as a function of processing such as casting, additive manufacturing, and machining/welding/impulse-driven processes.
  • Ongoing pRad capability enhancements
  • Potential pRad capabilities for the future, such as micron-scale resolution, dual-axis radiography, additional diagnostics, etc.
  • The use of pRad for the study of areas such as:
    • Properties and behavior of materials during processes such as casting, melting, or additive manufacturing
    • Chemical reactions, such as hydriding, oxidation, explosive burn
    • Resolving slow mesoscale phenomena
    • Dynamic properties and behaviors of materials such as strength, spall, ejecta, and fracture, under high-strain-rate conditions
    • Bio-imaging
    • Projectile/Armor Science
    • 3D proton tomographic studies