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Badging, Real ID

Effective Nov. 3, 2014, the Lab will implement requirements of the REAL ID Act.


Badge requirements

  • US citizen employees must present a photo ID and proof of US citizenship. See Security Smart on Proof of United States Citizenship for the Badge Office (pdf).
  • Foreign national guests and employees must have an approved visit and present a valid passport and documentation of US legal status and work authorizations.
  • Official visitors are those who have been invited by a Laboratory or contractor host employee. It is the host's responsibility to take care of any necessary badges or access permission and arrange to meet guests at a designated place. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Institutional Visits and Events, the Badge Office, or your host.

For more information about starting work at the Lab, refer to New Hire Process.

REAL ID LANL Impacts and Solutions

  1. Currently all 50 states are compliant with Real ID or on an extension, however "Card Based Enforcement" will go into effect on October 1, 2020. Every individual seeking a badge at LANL after this date will need to present a REAL ID compliant license/ID or present an acceptable alternative. Please note: The card itself must be Real ID compliant, regardless of state compliance.
  2. Access through LANL Vehicle Access Portals unaffected.
  3. Visitors having federal ID’s or acceptable alternates are not impacted. The list of approved drivers licenses from REAL ID compliant states changes on a continuous basis, it will be important for organizations to start looking at visitors scheduled to arrive next year and let them know so they can bring alternate ID if they are coming from “non-compliant” REAL-ID states
  4. LANS and the Field Office have formed a Facility Security Committee to address REAL ID issues related to the Laboratory. Solutions have been identified to minimize impact to LANL and remain compliant with the REAL ID Act.
  5. The Department of Homeland Security has provided a list of acceptable secondary documents that can be used in conjunction with a “non-compliant” state issued ID. They are:
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Passport Card
  • U.S. military ID (active duty or retired military and their dependents, and DoD civilians)
  • Federally recognized, tribal-issued photo ID
  • Permanent resident card
  • HSPD-12 PIV card
  • Current LSSO (Local Site Specific Only) Badge issued by another DOE Organization.
  1. The LANL Facility Security Committee have approved the following forms of secondary ID for LANL visitors impacted by the REAL ID Act:
  • Acceptable birth certificate (State Issued)
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Certificate of Citizenship issued by INS or its successor
  • US Passport (current or expired)
  1. Allow for an individual who have only a “non-compliant” ID card to be escorted into LANL facilities using a location owned generic badge for a short duration of time (Less than 1 day).