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STEM Education Programs

Los Alamos National Laboratory views its investment in STEM education as strengthening the Lab’s strategic direction and developing its current and future workforce.

December 21, 2017
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We don't have to teach children to ask questions. That comes naturally. We have to not stop them.

Opportunities for all STEM students

Program Name



Parallel Computing Summer Research Internship

Contact: Nikole Garcia

An intense 10 week program aimed at providing students with a solid foundation in modern high performance computing (HPC) topics integrated with research on real problems encountered in large-scale scientific codes.

Upper-level undergraduate and early graduate students

Computer System, Cluster and Networking Summer Institute


Contact:  Carolyn Conner

A focused technical enrichment program for students currently engaged in computer science, computer engineering, or similar major. The primary objective of the CSCNSI is to provide a thorough introduction to the techniques and practices of cluster computing

Third year (i.e., Junior) undergraduate students

Co-Design Summer School



Contact:  Ben Bergen

The Los Alamos ISTI/ASC Co-Design Summer School was created to train future scientists to work on the kinds of interdisciplinary teams that are demanded by today’s scientific challenges.


Must be enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited university in a relevant field of study

Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop



Contact:  Scott Runnels

The Computational Physics Student Summer workshop seeks to bring to Los Alamos National Laboratory a diverse group of exceptional undergraduate and graduate students for informative, enriching lectures and to work with its staff for 10 weeks on interesting, relevant projects that may culminate in articles or conference presentations.

Undergraduate and graduate students

Data Science at Scale School http://dssschool.org/


Contact:  James Ahrens

The Los Alamos National Lab’s Data Science at Scale School was inaugurated in 2013 to recruit outstanding students to the laboratory to participate in data intensive science projects. Particular focus is placed on using big data technologies to gain insights from science data

Outstanding undergraduate students in computer science, data science, math or statistics


Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience

Contact:  Winfred Friedel

SAGE is a 3-4 week research and education program in exploration geophysics for graduate, undergraduate students, and working professionals based in

Santa Fe, NM, U.S.A.

Graduate, undergraduate and working professionals

Machinist Apprentice Program


Contact:   Pf-map@lanl.gov

Los Alamos National Laboratory adopted a competency-based approach for training and qualifying its machinist apprentices. With this approach, the focus is on what the apprentice learned (or already knows), and not how long they spent in class or learning a skill.

High school graduates or General Equivalency Diploma

Seaborg Institute



Contact:  Albert Migliori




The Los Alamos branch of the Institute integrates research programs on the chemical, physical, nuclear, and metallurgical properties of the lighter actinide elements, with a special emphasis on plutonium. The Institute serves as a national center for the education and training of students, visiting scientists, and faculty at all educational levels in transactinium science.

Full time graduate students interested in the areas of Nuclear Radiochemistry or Actinide Science

Postdoctoral Fellows Program


Contact:   Albert Migliori


The Seaborg Nuclear Science Fellowships for Signatures, Energy, Security, Environment will support research in nuclear science relevant to Laboratory mission areas by attracting and funding a future generation of postdoctoral scientists to foster sustained excellence and enhanced external visibility in nuclear-science-related areas and to establish a broad intellectual community for nuclear science.

Postdoctoral students

Explore Your Universe


Contact:   Nicole Lloyd-Ronning


Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what exactly is out there? Do you want to know what a black hole is and if it really exists? Have you always been curious about what dark matter and dark energy are, or thought about the possibility of life on other planets? In this class, students will learn about current outstanding questions in astrophysics, while possibly contributing to solving some of these exciting problems. Students will explore astrophysics research problems in small teams, guided by mentors who work at LANL. Topics are guided by each student’s interests, and the class welcomes everyone regardless of his/her math and science background - all that is required is a desire to learn more about the universe!

Elementary and middle school students

Physics is Fun


Contact:   Nicole Lloyd-Ronning



This is a series of visits to elementary and middle school classrooms, in which students engage in hands-on physics and astronomy activities (with materials generously provided by the LAPS foundation). Experiments involve topics such as electric and magnetic forces, gravity and black holes, the electromagnetic spectrum, sound, and more! Topics and visit times are scheduled according to the needs of the teacher/class.

Elementary and middle school students

Summer Research Fellowships



Contact:  Albert Migliori



Fellowships generally run 8-10 weeks, and give students an opportunity to join Los Alamos scientists in independent research projects that can contribute to their thesis or advanced degree. While at Los Alamos, Research Fellows are encouraged to attend our weekly lecture series on a wide variety of current research topics presented by Los Alamos experts. Students are expected to present their research results at a poster session at the end of the summer experience.

Outstanding graduate student candidates

Math & Science Academy


Contact:  Zach Leonard

The Laboratory's Math and Science Academy (MSA) provides quality STEM education professional development for teachers in participating schools and districts.

Elementary Teachers

Scientist Ambassador Academy


Contact:  Linda Anderman



The Scientist Ambassador Academy (SAA) is a training program designed to help anyone working in a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) field have fulfilling face-to-face interactions with the public that promote appreciation and understanding of current STEM research and its applications. Upon completion of the program, certified Scientist Ambassadors (SA) will be able to effectively share the fun and enjoyment of doing and understanding science with a variety of audiences. In its first two years the program certified 19 Scientist Ambassadors.

Laboratory employees

Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School



Contact:  Charles Farrar






The Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School is a very selective summer school in which top upper-level US-citizen undergraduate students from universities around the nation attend lectures and work in teams of three with a Los Alamos Lab mentor on research projects related to the Engineering Institute's technology focus. Their objective is to produce a conference publication summarizing their results by the end of the summer. 

Upper division (rising Junior or Senior) undergraduate students or first-year graduate students

Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School


Contact:  Misa Cowee


The Los Alamos Space Weather Summer School, established in 2011 under the founding Director Josef Koller, is dedicated to space weather, space science and applications.

This summer school, sponsored by various organizations within Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), brings together top space science graduate students and LANL’s internationally renowned space scientists to work on challenging space weather topics and instrumentation.


Students enrolled in a PhD program in space physics, planetary sciences, aerospace engineering, or a related field.

Applied Research in Earth Sciences (ARiES) Summer School



Contact:  Elizabeth Miller


The 2017 Applied Research in Earth Sciences (ARiES) Geoscience Summer School will be the inaugural year for this exciting new summer course. ARiES is dedicated to helping students explore applications of earth science beyond academic research and the oil and natural gas industry.

ARiES aims to bring graduate students together with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) experts in geoscience to work on exciting and challenging problems related to national and global security.


Graduate students

Judicial Science School


Contact:  Charles Farrar


Developed through close collaboration between the Laboratory’s top science, engineering, and legal professionals, this week-long course represents a complete primer on the scientific method that is tailored for judges. The purpose of the course is to provide the judges with an understanding of the methodology of modern scientific research, and the role of uncertainty inherent in all measurements, models, and predictions. Our goal is to offer the knowledge and tools that will better prepare judges to evaluate whether scientific arguments and methodologies meet threshold requirements for admissibility in the courtroom.


Precollege Program


For high school students looking to get a head start on their career and earn money in the process, the High School Internship Program could be just the thing. The program combines academic studies with on-the-job training in a variety of career fields. Students can work full time during the summer and continue working part time during the academic year.

High School students

Undergraduate Student Program


Contact:  Scott Robbins


The Undergraduate Student (UGS) Program offers summer, part-time, and full-time appointments for undergraduate students.

The program is a year-round educational program that provides students with relevant research experience while they are pursuing an undergraduate degree. This educational program is designed to complement the students' education with work experience related to their chosen field of study. There are appointments in both the technical and professional fields.


Undergraduate students

Graduate Research Assistant Program


Contact:  Scott Robbins


The Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) Program is a year-round educational program that provides students with relevant research experience while they are pursuing a graduate degree. In some cases, students can arrange to conduct master's or doctoral thesis research at the Laboratory.

Graduate students

Information Science And Technology Institute (ISTI)


Contact:  Stephan Eldenbenz


The Information Science & Technology Institute (ISTI) enables the execution of Laboratory's institutional IS&T pillar through revitalization of technical IS&T areas, recruiting, and retention of IS&T staff. Learn more about ISIT.  We encourage Laboratory staff to contact us for help, advice, or funding for new IS&T initiatives

Undergraduate and graduate students

Future Female Leaders in Engineering


Contact:  Heidi Hahn

The future Female Leaders in Engineering (FFLIE) Program inspires women to achieve their full potential as engineers and future leaders. It also supports and celebrates their many achievements and successes.

Female undergraduate engineering majors


Education Sponsorships

LANS-sponsored education programs

  • LANS Grant Writing Program
  • Look Across the Mountain Workshop
  • Los Alamos Public Schools Great Conversations
  • Los Alamos Public Schools Middle and High School Math & Technology Program
  • Los Alamos Science Fair
  • Mana del Norte Scholarship Banquet
  • New Mexico MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement)
  • New Mexico Solar Fiesta
  • New Mexico Envirothon
  • New Mexico First Education Initiatives
  • New Mexico First Los Alamos National Laboratory STEM Summit
  • Northern New Mexico Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native Americans in Science Student Symposium
  • Northern New Mexico College Job Fair
  • Northern New Mexico Expanding Your Horizons
  • Northern New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge
  • PEEC Earth Day
  • Restoration Monitoring Project
  • Rising Stars in the Southwest
  • Santa Fe Alliance for Science
  • 70th Anniversary Teacher Workshop
  • TEDx Albuquerque
  • Wildlife Center Education Project
  • YMCA Teen Center