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Girls in STEM

Supporting STEM education in the local community.

April 16, 2018

Part of the Girls in STEM Team: Tasha Hammond, Garrison Stevens, and Elizabeth Coronado (all Los Alamos National Laboratory); Madonna Hernandez, Director of Programs, Girls Inc, Santa Fe; Layne Kalbfleisch, Education Development Director, Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center

Girls in STEM Investigation Team  

  • Principal Investigator
  • Elizabeth Coronado
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  • Principal Co-Investigator
  • Kelsey Neal
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Girls in STEM is a 7-year program designed to improve girls’ attitudes towards the study and practice of STEM activities.

The program, which matches girls with individual mentors, includes the following: 

  • One on one assistance with STEM homework 
  • School-year support with both STEM and school topics 
  • A full week summer session with both lab and near-peer mentors at Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, Ghost Ranch, and at various Los Alamos National Laboratory sites 

Girls in STEM program objectives

  • Ameliorate girls’ attitudes towards STEM study 
  • Increase the likelihood that girls will pursue STEM study and/or careers 
  • Develop leadership capacity through mentoring that supports continuous improvement in networking and academic achievement 

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