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The Fellows, recognized for their extraordinary career contributions, serve as advisors and mentors at all levels of the Laboratory


  • Coordinator
  • Steven Elliott
  • Neutron Science & Technology
  • (505) 665-0068
  • Email
  • Past Coordinator
  • Manvendra Dubey
  • Earth System Observations
  • (505) 665-3128
  • Email
  • Deputy Coordinator
  • John Gordon
  • Inorganic Isotope & Actinide Chemistry
  • (505) 665-6962
  • Email
  • Secretary
  • David Jablonski
  • XTD Primary Physics
  • (505) 667-1074
  • Email
  • Fellows Emeritus Advisor
  • Cheryl Kuske
  • Bioenergy and Biome Sciences
  • (505) 665-4800
  • Email

Who are the Fellows?

The Laboratory Fellows organization was established in 1981 and is made up of technical staff members who have been appointed by the Director to the rank of Fellow in recognition of sustained outstanding contributions and exceptional promise for continued professional achievement.

Fellows in the News:

The LANL Fellows congratulate their esteemed members Bette Korber and Fred Mortensen for being awarded the Los Alamos Medal, the highest honor given to a Laboratory employee.

Korber is one of two winners of the Los Alamos Medal for her work in computational biology. This includes her work in the development of the mosaic vaccine for HIV that is currently in human trials.

Mortensen was recognized for his profound impact on stockpile stewardship science.

Quoting Thom Mason: “Stockpile stewardship would not be where it is today without Fred's contributions, and Bette's work in vaccine design is unparalleled.”

You can hear Bette talk about her work on this YouTube link

Please join the LANL Lab Fellows in Congratulating their Colleague Dana Dattelbaum as a 2020 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award Winner!

Did you miss the Feb.24th Frontiers In Science Talk "Coexisting with COVID-19: Disease forecasting and science"?

You can hear the recording here: Coexisting with COVID-19: Disease forecasting and science

View Fellows Nomination Procedures in the Link Below:
Fellows Nomination Procedures

Questions can be directed to Melissa Robinson of the Science Resource Office, mrobinson@lanl.gov, 667-8152.

Upcoming Fellows Meeting:

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021 
Time: 3-5:00PM
Agenda to Follow