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Students Who Inspire

Explore a dimensional career at Los Alamos Lab: Take a look at who is working here and what they are doing to have a fulfilling career and balanced work/life.

STUDENT SUCCESSES Multi-dimensional careers in science and technology

x Mentored by David Fox and his algal biofuels team, Tarryn Miller is focused on cyanobacteria—microscopic solar energy refineries that convert the sun’s energy and atmospheric carbon to energy sources. She's convinced that these fast-growing photosynthetic bacteria may solve the world’s energy crisis.
x “LANL is helping me down my career path by giving me exposure to resources I wouldn’t get anywhere else. I get to work in the physics field and experience it," says undergrad Zoe Martin. Currently, Martin runs computer simulations to model a set of experiments completed on the OMEGA laser.
x One cadet partnered with Los Alamos scientists to work with RAPTOR, the Lab's robotic optical telescope array that independently scans the universe and can also be used to detect objects orbiting Earth. Other military students predicted a meteor's potential effect on an urban community.
x Bangladeshi Ayesha Arefin knows first-hand how invaluable science and technology are to improving the world’s conditions. The student researcher helps develop methods to improve toxicology and disease research while she volunteers at a local AIDS family support center.
x Rock aficionado Ian Stone researches carbon sequestration to determine the best methods to capture the greenhouse gas that increases global warming. As an evocative nature photographer and poet, he also integrates science and art to better understand the natural world.
x Astounded by rolling blackouts, Alexis Kaplan was inspired to discover how nuclear energy could provide a sustainable solution to our energy crisis. She says the Lab’s multidiscipline and cooperative environment is the perfect place to develop new technologies.