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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight features women and men from across the Laboratory to recognize employees and showcase the institution's wealth and diversity of personal and professional backgrounds, interests, and talents.
  • Jocelyn Buckley

    Jocelyn Buckley — In control of her own plane

    Determined to conquer her fear of flying, Jocelyn Buckley of Waste Management Programs (EPC-WMP) earned her private pilot’s license, bought her own plane, and now commutes to and from work every day. 11/28/18

  • Myles Cartelli

    Myles Cartelli — Let’s get crawling

    As a young man, Myles Cartelli of Weapons Fabrication Services (PF-WFS) learned welding, machining and fabricating. The skills he refined working at the Laboratory came in handy when he started modifying off-road vehicles for extreme sports such as rock crawling.10/30/18

  • Michael E. Martinez

    Michael E. Martinez — Culture captured in art

    Growing up surrounded by a creative family, Michael E. Martinez (Q-6) began to draw and paint. Inspired by the diverse cultures in New Mexico, Michael soon found other outlets for his art, such as t-shirt designs, posters, and customized shoes.9/25/18

  • James Robinson

    James Robinson— Rehabilitating wild animals

    As a kid, James Robinson of Investigations and Policy (ADMASER-IP) helped rehabilitate injured animals. This passion led him to help found the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation, which raises funds to rehabilitate wild animals throughout New Mexico. 8/29/18

  • Donald DeChellis

    Donald DeChellis— Enter the world of videogame speedrunning

    Donald DeChellis of Metal Production (PT-1) is a speedrunner, a new type of video-gamer whose goal is to complete entire runs of videogames as quickly as possible.6/26/18

  • Mari Roberson

    Mari Roberson— Hard riding and straight shooting

    For Mari Roberson of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), there’s nothing more exciting than riding at full gallop on her horse while popping balloon targets with her single-action revolver.5/29/18

  • Sheryl Bailey

    Sheryl Bailey— The play’s the thing

    A theater director with more than 20 plays under her belt, Sheryl Bailey of the Acquisition Services Management Division Office (ASM-DO) has a passion for working on new plays, those not previously produced for the theater. 4/24/18

  • Tony Valdez

    Tony Valdez— The Sweet Science

    In a professional boxing career that has earned him eight wins, seven by knockout, Tony Valdez today trains the next generation of fighters at his own gym in Española, New Mexico. Tony's goal is to pass on the easy way what he learned the hard way.3/28/18

  • Susan Tesch

    Susan Tesch— Quilts as art from the heart

    A relative newcomer to the art of quilting, Susan Tesch uses her experience as an abstract painter to craft stunning images on quilts and other items, such as placemats. Susan plans to open a quilting business when she retires.2/27/18

  • Maura Shuttleworth

    Maura Shuttleworth— Pumping serious iron

    A veteran of more than 70 competitions, powerlifter Maura Shuttleworth holds more than 20 records, 12 of which are New Mexico State Records. For Maura, powerlifting is more than competition-it's a journey where every day is a chance to get stronger and better.1/31/18

  • Wilbert Weijer

    Wilbert Weijer— Taking the road trip of our lives

    Hailing from the Netherlands, Wilbert Weijer discovered the simplicity of music through singer-songwriter Neil Young. Today, Wilbert records and performs his distinct style of audio storytelling with just an acoustic guitar and his voice. 12/6/17

  • Robbie Harris

    Robbie Harris— Let’s play ball!

    Robbie Harris of the Lean Six Sigma Office coaches the Los Alamos Little League Girls Softball Team, which in 2017 won the State Championship. Robbie’s secret to success: build self-esteem, foster teamwork, and most of all, have fun. 10/31/17

  • Hope Quintana

    Hope Quintana— Santa Fe crowns new reina

    In May 2017, Hope Quintana of the Actinide Engineering and Science group (MET-1) earned the title of La Reina de la Fiesta de Santa Fe. Hope intends to bring la fiesta to those who cannot attend. 8/28/17

  • Doug Coombs

    Doug Coombs— “Painting” nature one frame at a time

    Douglas Coombs’ love of the outdoors led to a passion for landscape and wildlife photography. Doug’s camera lets him capture the scenery about him so that others hopefully see what he sees. 8/28/17

  • Vincent Campos

    Vincent Campos— Interpreting traditional retablo art in a fun and whimsical way

    Vincent Campos of the Program Cost & Scheduling (MOF-PC-PCS) group creates retablos inspired by Catholic iconography but with a distinctly modern approach. 7/25/17

  • Monique Vigil

    Monique Vigil— Meet 2017’s Reina de la Fiesta del Valle de Española

    As Queen of the Española Fiesta, Monique Vigil passes on traditions practiced since 1598, when Juan de Oñate y Salazar declared Española New Mexico’s first official capital. 6/6/17

  • John Turon

    John Turon— Restoring the golden age of arcade video games

    John Turon of Weapons Product Definition spends his free time restoring vintage pinball games to their old glory.6/6/17

  • Darrin Visarraga

    Darrin Visarraga— Dance the salsa, make it your own

    Darrin Visarraga of the Information Systems and Modeling group discovered the beat- and groove-laden world of salsa. Now he teaches his passion to others. 5/2/17

  • Edward Jacquez

    Edward Jacquez— A quarter mile of pure adrenaline

    J Division Deputy Group Leader for DARHT Operations Edward Jacquez has always felt a need for speed. 4/4/17

  • Susan Suazo-Martinez

    Susan Suazo-Martinez— “Everyone knows it’s Slinky”

    Susan has 1,500 “Lazy Spring” toys, garnering her inclusion into the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 2/28/17

  • Todd Haagenstad

    Todd Haagenstad— The Passion of Pétanque

    Todd Haagenstad of Environmental Programs introduced pétanque to his family and to northern New Mexico. The game is simple—all of you need is some dirt, boules and a pig. 1/31/17

  •  Lawrence Garcia

    Lawrence Garcia— Descendant of the masters

    A martial arts descendant of Bruce Lee, Lawrence Garcia remains soft-spoken and humble as he leads training classes in Jeet Kune Do, “the way of the intercepting fist.” 12/12/16

  • Ronnie Bell

    Ronnie Bell—Soulful vocals for modern times

    Genre-mixing singer Ronnie Bell of the Nuclear Process Infrastructure Group (NPI-2) takes personal joy in reaching as many people as possible. ​ 11/15/16

  • Bill Purtymun

    Bill Purtymun—Snow Angel

    Whether he’s helping a hiker with altitude sickness or assisting with an airlift for an injured skier on Pajarito Mountain, EMT Bill Purtymun always finds “there’s gratification in working hard at work worth doing.” ​ 10/18/16

  • Jim Stein

    Jim Stein—Photo finish

    In the “photographer’s paradise” around Los Alamos, Jim Stein finds drama in the landscape. 9/20/16

  • Laura McClellan

    Laura McClellan—Lending a helping hammer

    From shoring up floors to building a brand-new home in southern Africa, Laura McClellan spends much of her free time helping people in extreme poverty. 8/23/16

  • Melissa Montoya

    Melissa Montoya—Helping students reach for the future

    Melissa Montoya mixes adobe bricks and high-tech fun to show kids the joys of math and science​ 7/26/16

  • Brad Lounsbury

    Brad Lounsbury—Working on the railroad

    “A labor of love” is how James “Brad” Lounsbury describes restoring cars on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. 6/28/16

  • Erica Larson Baron

    Erica Larson Baron—Fleet feet

    A top trail-running racer nationally, Erica Erica Baron of Information Systems and Modeling (A-1) often figures out work problems on her daily training runs at the Laboratory. 5/31/16

  • Gene Ortega

    Gene Ortega—The eyes have it

    ​​Painting with a style that mixes chaos and refinement, Gene Ortega has found a way to blend his technical and artistic sides. 5/4/16