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New Hire On-boarding Process

On-boarding provides you with the resources you need to begin your job at the Lab


Now that you have completed the new hire orientation, you will move through on-boarding.

The on-boarding process is when Human Resources, your manager, and your colleagues will provide you with the resources and support necessary to get you up and running.

To start the on-boarding process, you will find several resources below.

New Employee Resource Guide

The New Employee Resource Guide contains a lot of pertinent information and will assist you in your first weeks and months at the Laboratory. A copy of the resource guide will be distributed at New Employee Orientation.

General Employee Training (GET)

If you are new to the Lab, you will need to complete GET training. This training is mandatory. You will receive the scheduled date, time, and location for training with your new hire orientation materials.

GET training is also available online. More information will be provided at New Employee Orientation.

Employees who have already taken GET do NOT need to attend.

Time and effort

The Oracle Time and Labor (OTL) System provides a web-based interface for all employee time entry and approval. Employees are required to charge their efforts to the projects that work was performed on.

All employees are expected to submit their time on the last day of their work week. This expectation ensures that timecard collection and approval occurs in a timely manner, facilitates the efficient processing of Oracle Payroll, and guarantees that the Laboratory meets its payroll and banking deadlines.


A CRYPTOCard generates a passcode to identify users for one-time use within a limited timeframe. Information and computing services that require CRYPTOCards include:

  • Lab-specific applications
  • Web-based training
  • Off-site access to email and calendar accounts
  • Off-site access using an SSL portal
  • High performance computing

You should receive your CRYPTOCard within two days of your hire date. The CRYPTOCard will come with instructions on how to begin using it, as well as a list of user responsibilities.

Lab calendar and work schedules

On your first day of work, you will need to select your work schedule. Make sure to thoroughly read P761, Work Schedules (pdf), to learn about the various schedule offerings. Your manager or administrator can help locate this procedure once you begin.

The Lab calendar (pdf) can help to inform any planning you do as you get started.


Your on-boarding process will include a series of web-based trainings you will need to complete when you start your new position. The trainings offer a wide range of professional development opportunities.

Speak with your division administrator or hiring manager if you have any questions about the UTrain sessions.

Performance planning

All term and regular appointment employees work together with management to establish annual performance goals, entering them into the Oracle Performance Management system.

  1. Based on the Lab’s institutional goals, managers establish organizational goals and cascade them down through their organization.
  2. Employees develop three to five work achievement goals that align with and support the organizational goals, and enter them into the Oracle Performance Management system.
  3. Manager and employee discuss employee work achievement goals for the upcoming year to ensure alignment, clarity and understanding.
  4. Manager and employee discuss employee work achievement goals for the upcoming year during the October/November year-end close-out meeting.

Employee resource groups

Los Alamos National Laboratory thrives when teams are stronger. Connect with an employee resource group that can support you as you explore your career with the Lab.

Payroll, taxes

The Lab’s Payroll team consists of experts in the field of processing, payroll direct deposit and tax information.

See specific information regarding payroll processing and taxes.

Do you need a Social Security Card?

Visit your local Social Security Office to apply for a new or replacement Social Security card.

1922 5th St.
Santa Fe NM, 87505

Visit the Social Security Administration website for detailed information about obtaining a new or replacement social security card.

If you are a resident foreign national, we recommend reading the Los Alamos National Laboratory step by step application guide (pdf) and reviewing the detailed information on the Social Security Administration website that pertains to social security numbers for non-citizens.