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Networking and Application Strategies

Los Alamos Lab recruits the best minds on the planet and offers job search information and assistance to our dual career spouses or partners.

You know more people than you think you do

Having strong existing connections and building new ones is essential to finding a job—especially for a dual career family that is new to the Los Alamos area.

Networking is a proven and effective way to increase your chances of getting hired. Here are six that can help you make your networking more effective:

  • Be open—thoroughly discuss your job needs with managers and colleagues -- including ones that your spouse, partner, or family member needs -- during the hiring process.
  • Be friendly with firms—connect with staffing firms such as COMPA Industries, Inc. to identify potential opportunities with a wide range of companies.
  • Be social—use LinkedIn and other social media outlets to connect with people from the Lab, the Northern New Mexico community, and recruiters from your target companies and industries. LinkedIn is a great place to connect professionally, but other social media sites can be useful when used appropriately, as well.
  • Post it—post your resumé on sites like Indeed.com and the Professional Diversity Network, where you can also engage with other professionals in diverse networks.
  • Reciprocate—give as much as you get. Seeking to help other job-seekers first will make them more likely to help you with your job search.
  • Engage and expand—engage with groups like the New Mexico Economic Development Department, The Entrepreneur's Source, and Meetup groups in Los Alamos and surrounding areas to further expand your networking circle.
  • Work local—As you seek employment it may help to access a workspace that is not in your home. Public libraries and cafes can serve that purpose, however if you are seeking an environment that is more professional you may want to consider projectY cowork Los Alamos. This professional remote work location could be an ideal location to get things accomplished. It is located at 150 Central Park Square and is a modern, open floor plan work environment with high-speed/secure WiFi provided to a community of local remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and others. Many spouses of Lab employees work in this space to network with other locals and as a way to work solo, but not alone. For more information, visit www.projectYLosAlamos.com or call (505) 661-4862.

Applying at the Lab

Like any other employer, the Lab has its own set of hiring criteria. Meeting these criteria will help increase your chances of getting hired. Here are three tips to make your application more attractive to the Lab:

  • Include a comprehensive CV/resumé—outline your experiences, skills and education, as well as other information relevant for the job, such as your publication record.
  • Provide a detailed cover letter—specifically describe how you meet the requirements and desired skills listed in the job posting. This will help the reviewer understand how you qualify for a specific job.
  • Be realistic—apply for jobs for which you meet the listed requirements.

The Office of Diversity and Strategic Staffing is available to provide additional networking and application strategy guidance. Contact them at dualcareers@lanl.gov. You can also contact them if you would like to be included as a networking resource on this page.