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Our Safety, Security Commitment

Safety and security come first—we integrate safety, security, and environmental concerns into every step of our work.


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How we ensure safety, security

Safety and security are integrated into every step of our work—and we use a proven process called Integrated Safety Management (ISM).

Our ISM process is not a philosophy: we are committed to actively applying this proven process in our work. Work is performed within carefully preconsidered controls built into every step of the process. See our Four Commitments to an organizational-wide safety and security practice below.

We constantly seek to improve what we have done through worker and management task teams. The ISM process ensures that all work done at the Laboratory carefully considers potential risks, including human errors. See the Five Functions of our safety process below.

Along with the ISM process the Lab maintains a constant vigilance around safeguarding our people and premises, with a trained protective force onsite; and we ensure that nuclear and hazardous materials are always protected. See below.


Four Commitments to safety, security:

  • We conduct our work safely and responsibly to achieve our mission.
  • We ensure a safe and healthful environment for workers, contractors, visitors, and other on-site personnel.
  • We protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.
  • We do not compromise safety for personal, programmatic, or operational reasons.


Five Functions of our safety, security process:

  1. Define the scope of work. 
  2. Identify and analyze hazards associated with the work. Anticipate human errors and put defenses in place.
  3. Develop and implement hazard controls. 
  4. Perform work within controls. Follow the plan. Be aware of any new hazards.
  5. Provide feedback and continuous improvement.


What we do to secure our employees, facilities, information, and computer systems:

  • Employees may be subject to random drug tests, vehicle inspections, and searches of individual belongings. Certain Lab areas have multiple layers of access control.
  • Our highly-trained protective force, managed by Centerra-LA, is equipped with military-grade vehicles and weapons.
  • Our nuclear and hazardous materials are protected and accounted for.

Lab achieves Star status from DOE's Voluntary Protection Program

In 2017, the DOE Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Assessment team recertified the Laboratory as the largest site within the DOE complex to achieve Star status. Star status is the highest achievement level and recognizes outstanding safety and health programs.